EU trademark


Register a EU trademark

What is included?

  • Initial consultation to evaluate your needs
  • Screening Search for potentially conflicting EU trademarks (direct hit only)
  • Priority claim in case of prior application in the US within 6 months
  • Legal advice on how to best structure the trademark application
  • Preparation and submission of the EU trademark application

What is not included?

  • Filing and other administrative fees
  • Full priority search (identical and similar CTM and national marks in Europe)
  • Correspondence with OHIM following a potential objection
  • Costs and fee relating to possible opposition (negotiations, redefinition and limitation of scope of products and services and answering opposition briefs)

Service offered by:


Kimberly A. Wright

Newport Beach, CA, 92663, USA

Business and Corporate Family

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Pieter Parmentier

Antwerp, Flanders, 2600, Belgium

Arbitration Aviation

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Pieter Gunst

San Francisco, California, 94117, USA

Intellectual Property Privacy

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Liz Oliner

San Francisco, CA, 94102, USA

Business and Corporate Intellectual Property

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Paul Menes

Los Angeles, California, 90025-1030, USA

Intellectual Property

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Meaghan Zore

San Francisco, CA, 94110, USA

Business and Corporate Intellectual Property

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Inder Comar

San Francisco, CA, 94103, USA

Arbitration Business and Corporate

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Niccolò Travia

Roma, 00197, Italy

Business and Corporate International Trade

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Beatrice Martinet

San Francisco, California, 94111, USA

Business and Corporate Intellectual Property